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Shimell & Madden occupy the space where craft, art and fashion intersect. Makers of jewellery and objects, they explore ideas of science, nature and time.

‘Symmetry’ combines richly textured 18ct gold with prismatic coloured gemstones. Each stone is specially selected for its unique proportions and precision cutting.

The mirror cut aquamarines and tourmalines are sourced from cutters in the historic mining district, Idar-Oberstein. Famed for being the European epicenter of gemstone cutting, this Germanic town is home to some the world’s
leading experts in lapidary.

The collection is beautifully contemporary, yet it echoes ideas of ancient architecture and classical mathematics, creating distinctive, delicate geometric artefacts.

The symmetrical pieces are built by multi-layering simple primal forms of lines and circles, transforming them into complex three-dimensional structures that are much more than just the sum of their parts.

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