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“My work is based on primordial forms and their use as poetic elements. The forms are investigated according to principle of structures and arrangement. This process constructs a language of forms with persistent variables, the ‘variable constants’, essential to the creation process and incessantly producing variations on a theme”. This is how Mara defines her creations.

“There is no strategy, but continuous stimulation through vast, even random collections of influences; outspoken thoughts and witty thinking make creativity spin and thrill and grow. The making process of the Intelligent Hand, the connection point between the initiating thought and the final outcome, is the only process, which truly filters and clarifies. It culminates in the creation of the Arrogant Ring: its final aim is to achieve sophistication through playfulness, every handmade piece containing its own world.

By wearing, owning and interacting with jewellery, we breathe new life into it. We activate it and set it on a life-long journey to collect and absorb its surroundings. The wearer is elevated to starting a dialog, with this object, his surrounding or even him/herself by engaging with the games inherent in a piece.

More then simple adornment, the objects are miniature sculptures, small universes, which release the power of the material. Every piece asks to be considered, demands a stance. It is not solely demanding aesthetic pleasure.

This “constant variable” approach is thoroughly applied in the making process. Bare reduction to lazy methodologies is strictly forbidden. Reaction and attitude change with every piece. The experience is no longer only aesthetic, erupting to pure existentialism, part of the daily experience as a maker. Making is a way of being, striving for anthropomorphosis, constantly changing and never concluded.

Creating things in play!”

All Mara’s pieces have a spatial and architectural feeling, probably originating from her education as an architect; but they are not only this: they are also bold and extravagant, exciting and anti-conventional – arrogant rings and earrings for the women who know what they want! Mara is definitely a major new talent.

On recently discovering the notebooks she filled as a 12 year old school girl, it is clear that her inventive and wonderful design ideas were already germinating at this young age.

Awards include:

  • Goldsmiths Fair 2014 Zaha Hadid Collection

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