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“My works are closely linked to mother nature, to the natural environment in which we live: plants and trees, their seasonal changes, rustling sounds, swaying movements and teeming vibrancy; shells and fossils; the colour and texture of these natural forms. All these are the source of my inspiration. After all, organic objects are the most beautiful crafted things in this world. These pieces are based on my praise and appreciation of nature and its phenomena, expressed in my own language.”

A graduate of the Royal College of London, the London Guildhall University and the College of Musashino Art, University of Tokyo, Kayo Saito’s work has continuously won her both acclaim and prestigious awards from the Jewellery world.

She has had exhibitions including solo shows in London, Lisbon, New York, Munich and Luxembourg, Vienna, Brussels and Ghent to name but a few.

In both her gold and silver work, all elements are textured and her silver made white on the inside surface by heating and putting into acid many times. Edges are organic shaped and polished to catch the light in an effective way.

Kayo Saito is also known for her innovative use of alternative and contemporary materials, ingeniously shaped into sculptural jewellery. Secured with strong magnets these pieces are very easy to wear and simple to take off.

Her work was recently worn by all the victoria secret’s models….at their latest launch.

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