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Born in Schlanders, Italy and a graduate from the Kunst und Handwerker Schule in Vienna, Josef completed an apprenticeship back in Italy at Silandro before moving to London where he worked initially for various other jewellers before establishing his own Studio.

His work is predominantly made of sterling silver, overlaid with 24 carat gold using traditional techniques. The smooth tactile finishes of the silver offset the abstract textures of the fine gold revealing its natural beauty and lustre.

Traditional craftsmanship married with a contemporary approach resolves in distinctive and striking pieces with abstract textures and tactile finishes. His frequent use of vibrant gemstones in unusual cuts, and transparent quartz with copper coloured, black or golden needle formations are often at the centre of his clean, well defined forms drawn from urban architecture and flowing organic shapes. By playing with scale he intentionally pushes the boundaries of convention and raises a constant, sensual awareness for the wearer.

Josef creates innovative jewellery. Each piece is hand made with dedicated craftsmanship creating an expression of unique style and personality for both men and women.

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