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9-12 May 2014 at The Saatchi Gallery

Restructuring Geometry & Words

Aware that COLLECT, the International Fair for Contemporary Objects  had never before exhibited work by artist craftsmen from the middle east or north africa, and being fascinated by the use of calligraphy and  geometry in much of the decorative arts and architecture of the islamic world, Tyger Glyn’s director Miranda Rhys Williams decided to curate an exhibition in which ‘calligraphy’ and geometry were explored both consciously and unconsciously, singly and in combination by top contemporary UK based artists working across several  media (vellum, ceramic, jewellery, cabinetry, willow) and where possible also from the islamic world. The result was: Restructuring Geometry & Words. Request a catalogue for more information about the exhibition and the artists represented.

Artists represented:

Zoe Arnold, jewellery and objets d’art based in poetry

Jonathan Boyd, jeweller, silversmith, wordsmith

Ibrahim Said, ceramic art

Halima Cassell, ceramic art

Lizzie Farey, willow

Mary Butcher, willow, vellum, various woods

Laszlo Beckett, fine cabinetry

Jo Hayes-Ward, jewellery

Shimell & Madden, jewellery

Romy Derman, jewellery

Daphne Krinos, jewellery

To view the catalogue for Restructuring Geometry & Words, please click below