22A.Vogue UK March 2007 Cover

Vogue March 2007

Miranda Rhys Williams and Serena Morton curator at Scream, had always been fans of 80s icon Andrew Logan and in December 2006 put on a joint show of his jewellery, sculptures and mirror portraits at Scream, Ronny Wood‘s gallery on Bruton Street. The show was a runaway success with the likes of Dolce and Gabbana and Mrs Osborne, screeching to a halt at the lights on Bruton street to be enticed into the Andrew Logan wonderworld. Vogue editors were not immune either. Carol Woolton and Lucinda Chambers both succumbed to the infectious joys of Andrew Logan’s work. A fabulous result of this was this Nick Knight /Lucinda Chambers spread in Vogue the following spring. Fast Forward: The 80s were back!